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Logistics Planning using Markups
Logistics Planning using Markups

Learn how to use Sensat for planning work zones and coordinating subcontractors to avoid clashes and optimise safety

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Markups can make planning different teams and subcontractor's work zones much easier as you can see them marked out against the real world. This helps mitigate risks and clashes to save money and ensure your site is as safe as possible.

1) Create markups

Logistics managers or subcontractors can create zones to highlight the areas where their work will be completed.

2) Add markup information

When you create your zone, add the dates you'll need to work in that area, attach any associated documentation, like work permits, and add a description where necessary.

3) Categorise work zones

Use colours or icons to distinguish between different teams and contractors. You can also put them in folders so they can be easily toggled on and off in your scene.

4) Share your markups

Ensure all markups are shared from "Personal" to "Project" so the logistics team can see them and you don't miss any clashes. Learn how to share markups here, and learn how to organise your markups using folders here.

5) Review work zones

Select the right timeframe in the timeline and check each zone to check there are no overlaps which could result in clashes whilst onsite. See an introduction to the timeline here.

6) Update clashing work zones

When assessing zones, if you spot a clash, you can click on a markup to enter the edit state and then move it around until it no longer clashes. This can be done in both the 2D and the 3D environment.

7) Confirm plans

Once you're happy with the plan you can use our standard icons to mark them as approved.

8) Share finalised plans

If you want to share the final plans with members inside of Sensat, you can capture and share a viewpoint. You can also take a screenshot to share with those who don't have access. Learn more about what a viewpoint is here.

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