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Running a Daily Activity Briefing in Sensat
Running a Daily Activity Briefing in Sensat

Learn how to optimise your DAB meetings by using Sensat.

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Conducting DABs in Sensat can reduce safety risks and increase efficiency. It gives you a visual way to share the site and the plans with the site teams.

1) Add plans

Work zones and site plans can be drawn up using the zone, line or other markup tools. To see more about this flow, see "Logistics Planning using markups".

2) Select timeline

By default, the current timeframe will be selected but if you need to update the time unit, you can select week, month or year from the timeline drop-down. You can then click on the relevant timeframe or use the arrows to navigate to the day you'll be working on. Learn the timeline basics here.

3) Take a snapshot

Use the snapshot tool to get a high-quality image of the plan which can then be shared with the team, even if they don't have access to Sensat.

4) Share a viewpoint

If the site teams have access to Sensat, take a viewpoint of the plans for the day, or create a presentation, to share with the team.

5) Presentations

You can either just get Sensat up on the big screen for the meeting, or you can quickly make a presentation to walk the team through. See this article for how to create presentations.

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