How to share a Viewpoint

How to share your view using a viewpoint link

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1. Open the three-dot menu on the Viewpoint you would like to share. Select "Share viewpoint".

Share your viewpoint

2. In the pop-up window, enter the email addresses of the team members you would like to share the Viewpoint with and enter a message if required.

3. Click "Share" to share the Viewpoint.

Share your viewpoint

4. Selected users will receive an email notification where they can open the shared Viewpoint. They will be taken to exactly the same view as you, allowing you to discuss particular aspects of the site knowing you are looking at the same thing.

5. Alternatively, you can copy a link to the Viewpoint, either from the pop-up window, or directly from the panel using the copy link button.

Share your viewpoint

Please note: any email addresses that you share Viewpoints with will trigger an email invite to your project site (if they are not already included).

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