Getting started

How to get started in Sensat

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Use Cases

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Customising your view

How to customise your view and identify what you're looking at

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Uploading files to Sensat

All you need to know about uploading files to Sensat

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Working with Models and Layers in Sensat

How to duplicate, move and inspect visual layers

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Discover the power of Sensat's tools.

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Working with folders

How to organise your data in the Layer manager

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Viewpoints & Presentations

Use viewpoints and presentations to share your curated view with others directly, or in presentations

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Timeline, Schedule & 4D Modelling

How to plan and view changes over time

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Learn more about using comments in Sensat

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Learn more about how Sensat works with other systems & software, via compatible file types and automated integrations.

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Troubleshooting & Technical Questions

Troubleshoot issues and review technical guidelines for Sensat usage

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Administration and Settings

Learn more about inviting new members, managing permissions, as well as managing your personal and project settings

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Sensat Mobile App

Learn more about our companion app

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Functionality updates

New features, improvements and platform changes

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