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Map Land Ownership using Markups
Map Land Ownership using Markups

Learn how Sensat can be used for interface management and tracking your site's land ownership

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Map out land boundaries and ownership in and around your project site. Add permits and documentation so it's easy to see access in one place and make sure everyone is on the same page. Site visits can be planned efficiently and project updates can be shared with the relevant people.

1) Draw markup zones

Use the zone markup tool to mark out the different land ownership boundaries on the project.

2) Attach documentation

Use the markup attachment functionality to add any documentation you have about the interface. Learn how to add an attachment to a markup here.

3) Open attachments from the scene

Hover over a markup label to see its associated details and open its documentation. Click on the link to open it in a preview. This can also be done from inside a presentation if required. See more about markup label options here.

4) Add custom icons to markups

Upload and apply your own icons to help identify specific stakeholders, or distinguish which zones are specifically about land ownership. Custom icons can be added to the project using the "project settings". Once uploaded here, they will be available for selection in the markup icons menu. See how to add your own project icons in this article.

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