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Stakeholder Engagement in Sensat
Stakeholder Engagement using Presentations
Stakeholder Engagement using Presentations

Learn how to use Sensat as a tool for showing stakeholders the vision of your project and its impact.

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Sensat can be used to present your site, chosen options or plans to the relevant parties. Because this can be done in such a visual way, it is a powerful tool for explaining why decisions have been made or work needs to be signed off.

1) Set up your scene

Once you've uploaded all your data, the relevant markups have been created and organised into folders, you can use the visibility toggle and opacity slider to customise your view.

2) Capture viewpoints

When you're happy with your set-up, navigate around the scene and between the environments, capturing viewpoints of the scenes you want to display in your presentation using the "Viewpoint" tool on the left toolbar. Learn more about what a viewpoint is and how to use them here.

3) Add viewpoints to a new presentation

In the Viewpoints panel, use the checkboxes to select the viewpoints you want to add to your presentation. In the three-dot menu click "Create new presentation". Learn more about creating a presentation here.

4) Organise your presentation

Use the six dots on the left of each viewpoint to rearrange the order they will be displayed. You can also remove and add more viewpoints. Learn more about presentations here.

5) Present

Click present and use the arrows on your keyboard or the presentation menu to move through the presentation.

You can hover over any of the markup labels to easily share more details and open any photo or document attachments.

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