How to assign dates to Markups

How to assign dates to your annotations and measurements for project planning

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How it works

You can use Markups (which can represent measurements or annotations) to support project planning by assigning fixed dates to them, so that they "exist" for a specific time period only. As you click through the Timeline (the strip along the top of your screen) the markups will then appear or disappear depending on the time period selected.

How to assign dates to Markups

1. When you create a new markup it will automatically be given a start date based on the current time period you have selected on the timeline. If no time period is selected the start date will default to today. The end date is not set by default.

Your markup will show for during the dates selected only, i.e. it will not show prior to the start date or after the end date (if one has been applied).

In the example below, selecting March 2022 will hide the Stockpile markup with a start date of 05 April 2022 (shown in the image above).

2. The start and end dates can be changed by using the date picker:

3. To clear the end date, so that your markup will continue to appear over time, simply select the "No end date" checkbox. This might be useful when adding assets to Sensat that will continue to be useful markers throughout the project duration.

How to view all markups (regardless of timeline dates)

If you want to see all the content in your scene or in the Layer manager you can remove the timeline filtering, by:

  1. clicking on the currently selected tab on the Timeline strip (e.g. Dec '23 in the image below); or

  2. clicking the "View all dates" button at the top of the Layer manager.

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