How to create a Presentation

How to collate your viewpoints into presentations to share with your team and clients

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  1. Ensure you have created all the Viewpoints that you want to include in your presentation before you start (see How to create a viewpoint).

  2. Open the Viewpoints panel in the right-hand toolbar.

  3. Hover over the viewpoint you would like to add to the Presentation. A checkbox will appear to the left. Select all of the Viewpoints you would like to add.

    Creating presentations

  4. Once you are happy with your selection, open the three-dot menu in the footer and select "Create new presentation".

    Create a new presentation

  5. You can update the name of your presentation.

Please note: Viewpoints will automatically be listed in the same order as the viewpoints tab but they can be reordered within the Presentation.

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