Working with Markup labels

Learn how Markup labels work and how to adjust their visibility settings

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How markup labels work

Markup labels, which show a markup's name and icon, adapt as you navigate - i.e. they become more discreet as you zoom out, while zooming in shows you full detail.

Zoomed in:

Zoomed out:

How to adjust your markup label settings

If you don't want your the labels to change with varying zoom levels, i.e. you want the full labels to always show, you can change your settings in the Preferences panel:

  1. Click on the circle with either your photo or initials, at the top of the right hand toolbar),

  2. Select Preferences,

  3. Turn on "Always show full labels for markups":

Viewing additional markup details

1. Hovering over any markup label will quickly show you the following markup details:

  • Name

  • Measurement/location values

  • Description

  • Attachments

  • Created by

  • Created on

2. If the markup has an attachment you can click on it to see it in the viewer.

NOTE: This action also works while in Presentation mode.

3. To open the markup in the Layer manager(to view additional detail or to make edits) simply click anywhere on the markup label pop-up.

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