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Constraint Mapping in Sensat

Upload, stream or sync your different constraint data into Sensat so you can quickly make the best decisions.

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Use Sensat to visualise all of your constraints and contextual data, alongside reality survey layers. This is particularly helpful when exploring options and making decisions.

1) Manually upload your data

Use our upload flow to add a range of data types into Sensat. This can also help you identify issues with your data and link helpful articles to remediate them. Learn which file types are accepted here.

2) Stream a WMS or WMTS layer

Set up a connection to be able to stream WMS or WMTS layers from published sources. These will then be visualised in the 2D environment and can be interrogated by clicking on the different parts of the layer. See how to set up a WMS or WMTS connection here.

If you want to set up a connection to a non-published layer, please reach out to who will be happy to discuss this with you.

3) Sync your CDE to integrate existing layers

If you already have constraints data inside your CDE, you can set up a sync with ACC, ProjectWise or Aconex to Sensat. Your chosen folders will remain up to date with the data added so you only have to manage your data in one place. Learn more about integrations.

To set up a CDE sync, please reach out to

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