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Connect: WMS and WMTS
Connect: WMS and WMTS

How to set up a Web Mapping or Web Mapping Tile Service with Sensat

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What is WMS/WTMS?

Both Web Map (WMS) and Web Map Tile Services (WMTS) allow you to stream georeferenced images from other systems such as ArcGIS Enterprise, GeoServer and MapServer into Sensat where they will be visualised in the 2D environment.

How to connect a WMS/WMTS to Sensat

  1. Open the Upload files panel in the right-hand tool bar:

    this shows the panel on the right of the screen. the bottom icon is the 'upload' icon.

  2. Select the "From external service" tab (see image in step 4).

  3. Select the "Type" of service that you want to connect to (WMS or WMTS).

  4. Paste your WMS/WMTS URl into the URl text box.

    • We’ll check on our side if we can support the service.

      • If the service isn’t supported an error message will appear.

      • If the service is supported, a new dropdown populated with all of the layers and style options available will appear.

  5. Choose a layer.

  6. Choose a style (if options are available).

  7. Click on Connect.

  8. The WMS/WMTS will be displayed like any other layer in the Layer panel and will be visualised in the 2D environment (they are not visualised in the 3D environment).

  9. Single click on a WMS/WMTS layer to view it's feature attributes:


How do I connect with Esri?
To set up a WMS or WMTS, you must be using Esri Enterprise, and you need to publish the data first before setting up a stream. Refer to Esri’s documentation for more details on publishing data.

What will the WMS/WMTS data look like in Sensat?

Each WMS/WMTS stream will display as a 2D layer in the Layer Manager. You can then organise and view these layers as you would any other layer in your project.

WMS/WMTS layers are visualised in the 2D environment only, they do not show in the 3D environment.

Can I configure a WMS stream myself?

Yes, just follow the steps outlined above.

Can I set up multiple WMS streams?

You can set up as many streams as you like, they will display as individual layers in the layer manager.

Can I configure a WMS if it’s secured?

Yes, but we will need to help you set it up. Please contact your Customer Success Representative for more information. You can reach out via the help button in the platform or email us at

What versions of WMS/WMTS are supported?

  • WMS: 1.1.1 & 1.3.0

  • WMTS: 1.0.0

Which CRSs are accepted?

EPSG 3857 only

My data is in a different CRS, how do I change it?

  • If you're the owner of the service, you'll need to set the output to EPSG:3857 before connecting to Sensat. The method for doing this will vary depending on the service you're using.

  • If you're using a third-party service, you'll need to reach out to the service administrator and ask them to provide the output in EPSG:3857 format.

Note: You don’t need to do any transformations to 3857 manually. For example, if you're using ESRI Server you can simply add it as an addition reference system and the service will handle things automatically, see here.

Does Sensat store any WMS/WMTS data internally?

No, the data remains solely on the server of the connected service; we don't store it on our end at all.

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