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Connect: Esri ArcGIS
Connect: Esri ArcGIS

Esri ArcGIS Integration - Automated Sync using WMS/WTMS

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Sensat is compatible with Esri ArcGIS, enabling you to visualise geospatial datasets alongside your other project data.

GIS data can be exported from ESRI and uploaded into Sensat, compatible file types are .GeoJSON, .KML, .GeoTIFF.

Or it can be streamed using a Web Mapping or Web Tile Mapping Service.

Automated Integration

For a continual sync of GIS information between Esri and Sensat we recommend an integration via Esri's Web Map Service (WMS) or Web Map Tile Service (WTMS).

To set up a WMS or WMTS, you must be using Esri Enterprise, and you need to publish the data first before setting up a stream. Refer to Esri’s documentation for more details on how to publish data.

Learn how to set up and use a WMS/WMTS with Sensat here.

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