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How to add an attachment to a markup
How to add an attachment to a markup

Attach photos or documents to your markups to provide more context.

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You can attach any of our file types to your markups but they are commonly used to attach documents (e.g. work permits or land ownership deeds) or photos of assets and risks. Learn more about markups and how to use them here.

  1. Open the Layer Manager on the Markups tab

  2. Click to open the details of the Markup you want to add an attachment to

  3. Click "Add attachments"

    πŸ“ NOTE: Attachments can only be added to markups that you have created and are the owner of. You cannot add or remove attachments from other project member's markups.

  4. Choose the attachment from your desktop

    πŸ“ NOTE: The attachment will match the access of the Markup; if your markup is "Personal", the attachment will not be visible on the uploads list, if your markup is "Project", the attachment will be visible to everyone on the uploads list. Learn about markup permissions here.

  5. Once your attachment has been uploaded, it will be displayed on the Markup details

  6. You can then click on an attachment to view it, either from the Markup panel or the Markup label

  7. Click the "View upload" button to see the full file details in the Uploads tab of the Layer Manager

  8. Click the "Remove" button to remove an attachment from a Markup

  9. Choose whether to remove it just from the Markup, or from both the Markup and the Uploads list. If you "delete just attachment" the file will remain on the Uploads list, "Delete file and attachment" will remove it from both places

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