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How to view a model or layer's attributes
How to view a model or layer's attributes

How to inspect a layers attributes in both the 2D and 3D environments

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Which file types can be inspected?

Most layers in Sensat can be inspected to view their attributes (metadata).

The exceptions are:

  • reality data layers, i.e. the 3D pointclouds (.las, .laz files) and 2D photogrammetry orthomosaics (.tiffs); and

  • .dxf files in 2D environment and .dgn files in the 3D environment.


File/Layer type

Attributes can be viewed?


.kml, .geojson, .wms, .wtms



.dxf, .tiff,



.dxf, .ifc, .glb, .rvt, .nwd, .fbx, .glb



.dgn, .las, .laz


Please note: The ability to inspect 3D layers was released on 22/05/2024. Due to differences in the processing of 3D files uploaded prior to this date, their attributes cannot be viewed. If you wish to view the attributes of an existing file, we recommend re-uploading it.

How can I inspect a layer's attributes?

Simple single-click on any support layer to view it's attributes.

Where do the attributes come from?

  • Attributes are defined outside of Sensat, typically within the software used to create the layer. We simply surface what has been defined elsewhere.

  • Not all files or elements within files will have attributes defined. If no data has been defined , you will see the message below:

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