How to duplicate a model

How to create a duplicate of your model or layer in the 3D environment

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Which files can be duplicated?

Compatible file types

2D / 3D

File type

Can be duplicated?

3D only

.dwg, .ifc, .dgn, .glb, .rvt, .nwd, .fbx, .glb


2D + 3D



2D only

.kml, .geojson



  • You can create a duplicate of any file, whether you uploaded it or not.

  • Duplicate files cannot be downloaded as they are not georeferenced. You can only download the original file.

How to duplicate a model or layer

  • Navigate to the item that you want to duplicate in the Uploads tab of the Layer Manager. ๐Ÿ’กTip: right-click on any layer to quickly find an item in the panel, read how.

  • In the three-dot menu select the option to "Duplicate".

  • When you create a duplicate, it will be:

    • be offset from the current position of the "parent file";

    • be in the active "Reposition mode" ready to move;

    • retain the Timeline properties of the parent file;

    • not be linked to the Schedule (if the parent file was); and

    • saved to the same folder as the parent file, unless the folder is linked to a CDE.

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