How to duplicate markups
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How to duplicate a markup

  1. Find the markup that you want to duplicate in the Layer manager in the right-hand toolbar. You can do this by:

    1. Clicking on the markup which will open the Layer manager at the correct location; or

    2. Open the Layer manager from the right-hand toolbar and select the Markups tab:

  2. The option to "Duplicate" can be found in the three-dot menu of any markup. Note: you can duplicate any markup, whether you created the original or not.

  3. A new markup will appear offset from your original markup. If you want to move it, click on the markup to enter the markup edit state.

    • Learn how to move and rotate 2D markups here.

    • Learn how to move and rotate 3D markups here.

Where can I find the 'three-dot menu"?

  1. If you are in the main section of of the Layers manager, hover over the markup item that you want to duplicate and the the three-dot menu will appear:

  2. If you have clicked into an individual markup item, the three-dot menu is located at the top of the panel:

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