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How to bulk edit and organise Markups
How to bulk edit and organise Markups

How to edit and organise multiple markups at once

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To edit or organise multiple markups at once:

1. Open the Layer manager in the right-hand toolbar.

2. Select the 'Markups' tab

3. Select markups that you want to edit using the checkbox on the lefthand side of the markup item.

Tip: You can use SHIFT to quickly select many markups. Click the first item then hold SHIFT and click the last item, everything in between will then also be selected.

4. To select all of the markups which are visible in a section (note: the filters or search bar can control which markups are visible), click on the selection box on the personal/project headers.

5. To quickly unselect, use the checkbox on the footer.

6. Click on the three-dot menu at the bottom of the panel. You will be presented with the following options to edit, organise or move your markups:

  • Create folder with selection

  • Add to an existing folder (if applicable)

  • Remove from folder (if applicable)

  • Make visible to project (if applicable)

  • Make visible to you (if applicable)

  • Delete

  • Apply icon

  • Apply colour

Some things to note:

  • When you move a selection, create a new folder or apply a filter, your selection will be lost.

  • You cannot delete someone else’s markup.

  • You cannot move someone else’s markup to personal; i.e. make it visible only to you.

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