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Sensat Mobile App
Getting started with the Sensat Mobile App
Getting started with the Sensat Mobile App

Access Sensat through your mobile phone on the move, add geolocated images while walking around site, and resolve issues while on the move

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What is the Sensat Mobile App?

The Sensat Mobile App is a companion app to the Sensat platform. It allows you to add geolocated photos to your project and to respond to comments on the go.

It makes communicating in real time easier and faster for distributed teams, supporting issue resolution and quick site updates.

Setting up

  1. Locate and download the Sensat app from the app or play store (it’s available on iOS and Android devices).

  2. Use the same login credentials as the web app to log in to the mobile app.

  3. Once logged in, you can access all projects you have been invited to via the side panel. Click your profile photo in the top left corner and ‘Projects’.

  4. Navigate around the map, including the 2D data on your project.

  5. To change which 2D layers you see on the map page click on the layer icon and make a new selection.

    Sensat mobile app
  6. Click the blue arrow button in the bottom right; this will take you to your current location if you are on-site or to the project data if you’re not.

Sensat mobile app

How to take a geolocated photo / create a comment

When you take a photo using the Sensat app, it will create a comment and share it with the project. These comments will appear exactly as as comments do now in the web app. You can also start a comment using an existing photo.

Creating a comment using a new photo:

  1. Open the app on the map page and click the camera icon at the bottom (you will need to allow camera access to use this feature).

  2. Take a photo of an issue on-site, or something you want to share with the team.

  3. Select "Use Photo" and type a message to accompany it. Use "@teammember" to tag the relevant people. N.B. Only people that have been invited to the project (via the web app) are available to be tagged.

  4. Click the blue arrow to send the image.

  5. A comment will be created on the map at your current location, if your location is switched on, or in the middle of your current map view if it’s off.

Creating a comment using an existing photo:

  1. Open the app and click the camera button at the bottom (you will need to allow access to your photos to use this feature).

  2. Click the image in the bottom left corner.

  3. On the list of photos that appear, select the one to share.

  4. You can add a comment.

  5. Use the blue arrow to send the message.

  6. A comment will be created on the map where your image was taken (if it’s geotagged). N.B. If you have your location switched on for Sensat, any images you upload will be added to their geotagged location on the map.

Sensat mobile app

Replying to a comment

All comments on your project are available via the mobile app, whether created on mobile or the desktop app.

  1. Comments can be opened by clicking on their icons on the map.

  2. Or you can open the ‘Comments’ tab at the bottom right.

    Sensat mobile app

  3. Locate and select the comment you would like to open in more detail.

  4. Once in a comment thread, you can see all the messages and expand any images to see them clearly.

  5. To reply to the latest comment in this thread, click on the bar at the bottom and type a message

  6. Images can also be added to the message - use the ‘camera’ to take a new one or the existing photos icon to add one that’s already been taken. This works in the same way as creating a new comment.

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