Using the Height tool

How to use the Height tool measure the perpendicular height of any location in the 3D environment

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What is the Height tool?

The Height tool enables you to measure the perpendicular height between two selected points in the 3D environment.

It works by drawing a right-angled triangle, the elevation and vertical angles are also measured and reported.

Height of a building being measured in Sensat

How to use the Height tool

  1. Select the Height icon in the left-hand toolbar:

    Select the line tool from the right hand navigation bar

  2. Navigate to the desired area of your project.

  3. Single-click at the base of the object that you're measuring to create your first point.

  4. Move the cursor to the final height that you're measuring and double-click (or press enter) to finalise the measurement.

  5. The perpendicular height as well as the elevation and vertical angles will be saved as a post in the Layer manager.

    View the markups height in the markup panel

  6. After you have created your markups, there are a variety of different ways you can edit them, you can:

    *these actions are only available for markups you created, learn more about permissions here.

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