Using the Line Tool

How to use the Line tool to measure distance or annotate an area of interest

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What is the Line tool?

The Line tool enables you to measure the distance between selected points and to calculate the bearing* of a line. It also allows you to draw lines on your map, for example to highlight access routes.

How to use the Line tool

  1. Select the line icon in the left-hand toolbar:

    Select the line tool from the right hand navigation bar

  2. Navigate to the desired area of your project.

  3. Single-click to create the first point of your line.

  4. Move the cursor and single click again to create your second point and the first part of your line. If you want to create a multi-point line (polyline) repeat this action until you are done.

  5. Double-click (or press enter) to create the final point and finish the Line markup.

  6. Your measurement will be saved as a post in the Layer manager.

    1. Both the 3D (point to point) length and the 2D (projected) horizontal length are reported for line markups in the 3D environment.

    2. The bearing will only be reported for lines defined between two points. If a third point is added the bearing will not be reported.

* bearing = the angle (in degrees) measured clockwise against North (North being 0°):

Bearing angle when measuring

7. After you have created your markups, there are a variety of different ways you can edit them, you can:

*these actions are only available for markups you created, learn more about permissions here.

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