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Using the Cut-and-fill tool
Using the Cut-and-fill tool

How to use the Cut-and-fill tool to take volumetric measurements in the 3D environment

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What is the Cut-and-fill tool?

The Cut-and-fill tool allows you to take a volumetric measurement, and reports the cut, fill and net (|cut| - |fill|) volumes for a selected area.

Tip: use this tool for measuring stockpiles as part of earthworks management.

How to use the Cut-and-fill tool

  1. Select the Cut-and-fill icon in the left-hand toolbar:

    Select the cut and fill icon on the right hand navigation panel

  2. Navigate to the area of your project that you want to measure. Tip: allow the pointcloud to fully load in the area that you are measuring to maximise accuracy.

  3. Single-click to generate the first point.

  4. Move the cursor and single click again to create the subsequent points of your polygon.

  5. Double-click (or press enter) to create the final point and finish the Cut-and-fill markup. A flat level plane will be created. The elevation of the plane will match the elevation of the first point (vertex) that you created.

  6. Once your markup has been created, a window will appear showing you the current elevation of the cut-and-fill plane. You have the option to proceed with this elevation (by selecting Set), or you can adjust it by using the arrows or by entering a new value. The cut, fill and net volumes will update as you change the elevation. Select Set to finalise your markup.

  7. The new markup and its details will be saved as a post in the Layer manager.

  8. If you want to edit the geometry of the markup after it's been created, simply click on the markup itself to enter the markup 'edit mode'.

  9. If you want to edit the elevation of the markup after creation, click on the blue Edit link next to Elevation in the Layer manager (see image below). This will reopen the window from step 6.

  10. After you have created your markups, there are a variety of different ways you can edit them, you can:

    *these actions are only available for markups you created, learn more about permissions here.

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