Why is my pointcloud faint?

How to improve the appearance of your pointcloud if it is fainter, sparser or darker than usual

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If your pointcloud is fainter, sparser or darker than usual, but renders correctly when you right-click on it and hover to isolate, then it is likely that you have a large number of CAD layers turned on which are consuming the platform's rendering power.

To improve the appearance of your pointcloud turn off any layers that you don't need, in particular remove any overlapping data from your scene (e.g. multiple versions of the same model).

Other things to check:

  1. Check if your rendering setting is set to "High performance" by going to :

    Settings >> Preferences >> Rendering quality vs performance

    But please note that we generally recommend using the medium settings which find a balance between performance and quality. If your performance setting is set to the extreme end of "High quality" it is likely to result in a laggy experience while navigating i.e. moving around your project. We advise that you only use this setting for taking high quality still images.

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