Troubleshooting performance issues
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Common things to look out for

1. Network speed:

If you have a slow network/internet speed, for example less than 10Mbps, this will affect the platform performance.

If you suspect the performance issue is because of a slow or degraded network, please follow instruction on How to capture a HAR file and send it to us.

2. VPN:

If you're using a VPN it may be throttling or even preventing the downloading of what it sees as "unknown files", this can severely slow down your platform experience. If you're experiencing different levels performance depending on whether you're in or away from your office, this could be the cause. If you are unsure of what to do, please contact

3. Your performance settings:

Rendering quality vs performance

The level of detail shown in your scene can be varied to achieve optimal performance (by showing sparse pointclouds and simplified CAD) or optimal quality (by showing dense pointclouds and detailed CAD). The medium settings finds a balance between performance and quality and is the optimal setting for most devices and usecases.

If your performance setting is set to the extreme end of "High Quality" it is likely to result in a laggy experience while navigating i.e. moving around your project. We advise that you only use this setting for taking high quality still images.

You can adjust you performance settings by going to Settings >> Preferences >> Rendering quality vs performance:

Reporting performance issues

Performance issues can be extremely difficult to reproduce and investigate. Therefore, the more information that you can give us, the more likely it is that weโ€™ll be able to identify and resolve the issue. Therefore please tell us as much as possible whenever reporting issues related to performance, see below for guidance ๐Ÿ‘‡.

Information to provide:

  • Save a viewpoint and send us the link.

    • Viewpoints allow us to see exactly the same layers that you were viewing when you experienced the issue.

  • Provide as much information as you possibly can describing what you doing when poor performance was experienced, for example:

    • Which environment were you using? 2D or 3D? or both?

    • Were you trying to navigate? e.g. zooming? rotating? panning?

    • Were you using a specific tool?

    • Did you have one of the panels open?

    • Did refreshing or hard refreshing resolve the issue?

    • What exactly happened? Did you experience lag or a full freeze?

    • Were certain things working well and others not?

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