How to specify units in a CAD file

How to specify units in a CAD file before uploading to Sensat

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Sensat requires all CAD files to have units specified in METERS, so that they can be scaled and positioned correctly in our platform.

If units are not specified, your file will fail to process. If there are specified as anything other than meters the scale and position of the file will be wrong.

Below you can find guidance on how to specify units in AutoCAD, Autodesk Navisworks, Revit and Bentley MicroStation.


Enter the DWGUNITS command. The command will initiate a sequence of requests, the recommended answers for each request are highlighted in grey below.

  1. Drawing units:

    • 6

  2. Drawing unit display formats:

    • 2

  3. Linear display format <2>:

    • Press enter to select <2>

  4. Linear display accuracy <4>:

    • Press enter to select <4>

  5. Scaling of inserted objects [Yes/No] <Yes>:

    • Press enter to select <Yes>

  6. Matching UNITESINS with the units of the drawing [Yes/No] <Yes>:

    • Press enter to select <Yes>

  7. Scale current drawing objects [Yes/No] <Yes>:

    • Press enter to select <Yes>

Autodesk Navisworks,

1. Right-click the file in the selection tree and select Units and Transform:

2. Select/change Units e.g. Meters:

3. If you are changing units, you'll need to also change the XYZ scale values according to your unit change (e.g. Feet to Meters = 0.3048. Hit OK and then save/export.

Autodesk Revit

1.From the Manage tab, select Project Units:

2. A dialogue box will be displayed, where you can specify your project units e.g. Meters:

Bentley MicroStation.

Guidance from Bentley can be found here.

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