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Working with folders
How to organise and delete folders
How to organise and delete folders
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How to move folders

Using drag and drop

  1. Drag and drop is a quick way to move items around the Layer manager. Drag your folder over another folder to nest it or outside to move it to the top level. You can also drag markup folders between project and personal, so it's easy to share an entire folder of markups with your team.

  2. To move more than one item, create a selection using the check-boxes and then drag one of the selection to your desired location.

Using "Move to"

You can also use the 'Move to' option on the three-dot menu on a folder to move it into a folder directly.

  1. Open the three-dot menu on the folder

  2. Select "Move to"

  3. Click through the options until you're in the folder you want to put your folder inside

  4. Click "Save"

N.B. You won't be able to move folders between project and personal if they contain markups which you don't own.

How to delete a folder

NB. Only empty folders can be deleted.

  1. First, empty the folder of all its items.

  2. Click the delete folder icon.

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