How to assign dates to Models

How to assign dates to your models for project planning

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How it works

You can support 4D project planning by assigning fixed dates to them, so that they "exist" for a specific time period only. As you click through the timeline (the strip along the top of your screen) the models will then appear or disappear depending on the time period selected.

How to assign dates to Models

1. When uploading a new model it will have no dates set by default.

2. The start and end dates can be changed by using the date picker:

3. To clear a date simply click the 'x' in the date box. (The 'x' will only appear when you hover over the date box):

4. When both a start & end date have been set, the Works Type option will be enabled, defaulting to Permanent works.

This gives you the ability to set start & end construction dates but ensure permanent works on site continue to be visible beyond the timeline end date.

Switching to Temporary works enables you to signify that the model should be hidden after the end date, e.g. for models of cranes, hoardings and so forth.

5. The Timeline will show purple dots to signify models start dates (green dots signify new point cloud scans):

Hovering over a dot will provide additional information about the model and its start & end dates:

6. If you want to see all the content on the map or in the Layer manager you can remove the timeline filtering, by:

  1. clicking on the currently selected tab on the timeline strip; or

  2. clicking the "View all dates" button at the top of the Layer manager.

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