Using the Point tool

How to use the Point tool to measure coordinates or annotate a specific location

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What is the Point tool ?

The Point tool enables you measure the coordinates of a particular location or annotate a location, e.g. to highlight a point of interest for your colleagues.

How to use the Point tool

1. Select the point icon in the left-hand toolbar.

Select the point tool

2. Navigate to the area of your project you would like to measure or annotate.

3. Single-click on your desired location to create a point markup.

4. Associated information, including the X, Y, Z coordinates will be saved as a post in the Layer manager.

View the markup in the markups panel

5. The coordinates can be copied (e.g. to use outside of Sensat) using the Copy button:

6. After you have created your markups, there are a variety of different ways you can edit them, you can:

*these actions are only available for markups you created, learn more about permissions here.

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