Enabling Single Sign On (SSO)

Set up SSO to make logging in and signing up to Sensat even easier and more secure.

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You can set up SSO to make logging into Sensat easier and more secure, it's possible to set it up even if users have already been added to your project.

Once we've set up your domain, all users with that domain will be taken through your SSO process (eg. Microsoft Azure AD). Users will have to use their SSO password and will no longer go through the Sensat user login/signup flow.

Sensat single sign on

N.B. This will be set up on a per-domain basis, we don't currently support guest users.

If you're interested in setting up SSO for a company domain, please reach out to your customer success representative. Currently, we work primarily with Azure AD but if you have other requirements please let them know.

You will need to provide the following:

  • Email domain for users

  • A SAML-P sign-in endpoint

  • A valid X509 certificate in cer or pem format

  • A SAML-P sign-out endpoint

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