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Using the timeline for Progress Monitoring
Using the timeline for Progress Monitoring

How to monitor how the site has changed over time when your project has multiple scans

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How to view a survey for a specific date

If your project has multiple scans (i.e. surveys) captured over time, these can be viewed using the Timeline located at the top of your screen. To select a specific month or week to view, simple click on it. In the image below September 2022 has been selected.

By default the most recently captured survey will be showing, unless you choose otherwise.

Assigning survey capture dates

In order for the timeline to work, a "survey capture date" must be assigned to all surveys uploaded to Sensat.

If your survey data is provided by Sensat, your scan will be assigned a "survey capture date" by us. When a new survey is uploaded it is indicated by a green circle and if you hover over this circle it will show you when the new scan was uploaded:

If you have uploaded your own survey data, please contact and we can assign capture dates for you.

Related features

Timeline dates can also be applied to models and markups (measurements and annotations:

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