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How to accept your invite
How to accept your invite

How to accept your invitation to Sensat

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To access Sensat’s visualisation platform you need to be invited, either by one of your colleagues or by a Sensat admin.

Once you've been invited, you will be sent an email granting you access to the project.

Accepting your invitation:

1. Click on the Get started button in the email.

The invitation email in your inbox. It contains a red 'Get started' button to gain access to your project.

If you have been invited to multiple projects you will receive more than one email, please click on the Get Started button on the latest email invite in your inbox.

2. Create a Password and enter your first name and your last name. Click Get started to gain access to your project.

password reset

Password Policy

Password strength is important to protect your account. A password should be difficult to guess either manually or through automated means. Our password policy will only accept passwords that match the following criteria:

  • Password must be at least 8 characters long

  • Password must contain at least 3 of:

    • Lowercase and uppercase letters

    • Numbers

    • Special characters (!@#$%^&*)

We also have additional password policies to further ensure the strength of the selected password:

  • Previously used passwords cannot be reused.

  • Passwords from the ‘password dictionary’ are not allowed. The password dictionary is a list of the 10,000 most common passwords (here).

  • No personal data can be used as a password. This includes your name and email address.

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