System requirements for using Sensat

The minimum and recommended system requirements for working in Sensat

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To get the best performance from Sensat, your computer and internet settings must meet the following minimum system requirements:

1. GPU (integrated or discrete)

  • Integrated: 9th generation intel or newer, e.g. Intel Iris 655

  • Discrete: Nvidia 900 series or newer, e.g. GTX 950

  • Latest Drivers

⚠️ Warning: many virtual machine systems use “GPU emulation”, i.e. they emulate a GPU using your CPU. This will significantly impact the performance of the Sensat platform which requires a dedicated GPU to run WebGL (a graphics library required to render high-performance interactive graphics on a web browser). Citrix can be upgraded to use dedicated GPU

2. CPU

  • Minimum: Intel i5 CPU 9th Generation

  • Recommended: Intel i7/Apple Silicon or greater CPU

3. RAM

  • Minimum: 8GB

  • Recommended: 16GB

4. Internet connection

  • Minimum: download speed of 10Mbps

  • Recommended: download speed of 30Mbps+

  • Check your download speed here

5. Browser

  • Chromium based browsers, for example:

    • Google Chrome version 100+

    • Microsoft Edge version 100+

  • Supports WebGL 2.0

    • Check your browser here

  • Hardware acceleration enabled, you can enable this setting by going to:

    • Chrome >> Settings >> System; or

    • Edge >> Settings >> System and performance

6. Domain and port whitelist

The domains, ports and protocols which need to be made available/whitelisted within your company’s network are listed here.

If your computer and internet settings do not meet the above requirements, you may experience performance issues. However, please keep in mind that the parameters mentioned above are not definitive as Sensat performance can be related to multiple other factors including:

  • Tasks/Applications in the background

  • Numbers of tabs in the browser and how often you switch between them

  • The resolution of the monitor where you open Sensat

  • Device cooling system (overheating can cause performance degradation)

  • Stability of your Wi-Fi connection

Further performance troubleshooting can be found here.

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