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How to crop your pointcloud
How to crop your pointcloud

How to crop and download your pointcloud

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How it works

The Crop tool allows you to crop a section of a pointcloud into a separate file while maintaining the state of your overall Sensat project. The cropped file can be downloaded and used in other applications.

How to crop your pointcloud

1. Select the Crop icon on the left-hand toolbar.

Crop your project

2. Click on the pointcloud to start a crop box of the desired area that you want to extract and double-click to complete your selection.

NOTE: it is only possible to crop rectangular sections orthogonal to 0 degrees North.

3. To rename your crop before it is saved to the Layer manager, replace the text "crop-file" in the pop-up which appears in the right-hand corner:

4. Click the Crop button in the CROP POINTCLOUD pop-up on the bottom right-hand side of the screen to generate your crop file. Or cancel the crop by pressing 'X'.

5. Your crop will be saved in the Layer manager, and will be available to download once it has finished processing.

NOTE: If you have multiple overlapping pointclouds turned on, each cropped pointcloud will save as a separate file.

Tip: use the "Cropped Files" filter or the search bar to quickly find your crop.

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