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Connect: Agile Assets
Connect: Agile Assets

Agile Assets Integration - Automated Sync

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Asset Information Management (AIM) systems are essential for large scale asset lifecycle operations and planning activities and are the source of truth repositories for all critical asset data. This data needs to be appropriately shared between different people, teams and systems to enable collaboration and decision-making. However relying on manual processes to transfer data is extra work and introduces human error, resulting in teams having incomplete or, worse, out-of-date information.

The Agile Assets integration allows you to connect your AIM to Sensat to automatically visualise asset inventory, and their associated maintenance and inspection activities, together seamlessly with reality surveys and other environmental context. This allows you to maintain a single source of truth in Agile Assets and have confidence that content visualised in Sensat is always up-to-date, covers all disciplines, and retains its metadata.

Key features

  • Visualise geolocated Asset Inventory Elements seamlessly together.

  • Links to relevant Repair and Work Orders

  • Automated sync to Sensat.

  • Eliminate the risk of data being out of date or missing entirely from Sensat.

Setting up & configuration

Register Interest: Please reach out to your Customer Success representative to find out more about our Early Access programme and ensure our integration meets your requirements.

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